George Sibashvili


In the article "Crisis of Culture and Meaning of Life of Nietzsche" it is considered the axiological theory of the chief German representative of philosophy of life of Nietzsche who remarkable in many respects and requires a multilateral research. Difficult, extremely contradictory are both the nature of the identity of Nietzsche, and the nature of his theory in which center there is a deep understanding of a cardinal problem of crisis of culture and meaning of life, closely connected with problems of death of god, a will to the power and the superman, etc.

In Nietzsche's formula "God died" logically followed absolutely legal desire of revaluation of values, that is approval of new values instead of old that shall become means of removal of the European culture from the crisis deadlock. He claims that denial and revaluation of old, traditional supreme moral values will lay the foundation for new values, the new person, updated life of the personality equipped with a will to the power – the superman, the creator of values, a Nietzschean ideal of the person.

Perception of a crisis situation of society in itself gives the chance of critical judgment of all cultures and philosophy if such perception aren't limited only to criticism of old and outlines contours of new society, new culture and philosophy.


crisis of culture, "death of God", value, moralism., meaning of life, will to the power, the superman.

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