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Subject to consideration and analysis in the report are some legal standards reflected in the two regulations:

a / Ordinance № 7 of 2003. for rules and regulations for the development of the different types of territories and planning areas;

b / Decree № 2 from 21.04.2011g. health requirements for cemeteries (graveyards) and disposal and transport of deceased.

Cemeteries included in the green system of settlements and settlements. Besides this important regulation are established in chlen.31, alineya.2 of Decree № 7 standards for determining the area of the pitch for cemeteries.

Planning, investment planning, authorization of the construction and commissioning of the cemetery is carried out in accordance with the Law on Spatial Planning, implementing provisions of this Law and other special regulations.

According chlen.2, alineya.1 and 2 of Ordinance №2, deceased in every village is buried in specially arranged cemeteries. The procedure for burning dead is made only in specially built for this purpose crematoria.

In Bulgaria operates Union of Funeral Companies by branch organization in the specific funeral business. This alliance is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce - Chamber of Industry and National Member for the Republic of Bulgaria of the International Federation of funeral associations on the initiative of the Union Bulgaria has adopted the European standard for funeral services - EN 15017.


Cemetery, Tomb, Grave, Deceased, Urn, Union of the Funeral companies in Bulgaria, Crematorium, Burial of deceased, Spatial standards, Health and sanitary standards.

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